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November 17, 2006
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pico tea 1.003 by nextmario pico tea 1.003 by nextmario
and there was light ...


top left:
glass clear sub, use-taskbar-glass-clear, use-panel-full-white, use-start-button-squares, pico tea styler

top right:
luna blue gloss sub, use-taskbar-white, use-panel-full-black, use-start-button-squares, pico tea styler

bottom left:
green darker gloss sub, use-taskbar-green-yellow-gloss, use-panel-full-white, use-start-button-drop, pico leaves styler

bottom right:
use-taskbar-gold-pasta, use-shellstyle-right, use-panel-compact-32px, hot pink sub, pico green styler toolbar


IMHO the most pleasing combinations are those that use flat taskbars. This focuses the eye on your wall instead of my skin. If you can't find a suitable taskbar color to match your wall use the black or white taskbar. Another option is to use the fullly transparent taskbar when you have a striking wall and a taskbar will just detract from it.

For the main sub match a bold color from your wall. If there isn't a close color select the black or default white sub. These complement any wall.

If you have wide displays try using the left and right taskbars. On my dual 1600x1200 this configuration seems to take advantage of the extra width.


Q) Where is pico tea installed?
A) Usually, "c:\Program Files\Stardock\Object Desktop\WindowBlinds\pico tea". All batch files referred to below are in this folder.

Q) How do I customize this?
A) If you can navigate your way around windows and run batch files then read the Questions below. I made some batch files to change different elements of the skin. You may also view the video tutorial which walks you through the steps: [link]

It is necessary to switch subs in Window Blinds whenever one or more batch files are run. Select a different substyle, apply it then select the substyle you want and apply it.

Q) Are your batch files safe to run?
A) Yes, but don't blindly believe me. I suggest you have someone who understands DOS look at them if you're worried. I simply overwrite image and config files within the pico tea directory.

Q) How do I change the taskbar?
A) Double click any of the use-taskbar*.bat files. The name of the batch file corresponds to the sub in Window Blinds.

Q) How do I make the taskbar transparent?
A) Double click the use-taskbar-transparent.bat in the pico tea folder.

Q) How do I change the font and glyph colors on the taskbar?
A) The font color and start button color is tied to the start panel. Double click any of the use-panel*.bat batch files. The color at the end, black or white, is the font and start button color.

Q) How do I change the size of the start panel?
A) Double click any of the use-panel*.bat files. Pick the appropriate font color, black or white, version to contrast with your taskbar.

Q) How do I change the start button?
A) Double click any of the use-start-button*.bat files.

Q) Why don't substyles change the taskbar, panel, etc.
A) Substyles are inflexible. By allowing separate batch files, you have more freedom to mix and match taskbars, buttons, etc.

Q) Why are controls green? And why pico tea?
A) The skin was originally made to complement leafy, natural wallpapers. I had a specific green tea wallpaper in mind. I also like the aesthetic appeal of the iPod nano. I wanted something flatter---pico.

Q) How do I change the green?
A) Some users have been successful using the change color option in Window Blinds. Change everything to black. use-taskbar-black.bat, use-panel-full-white.bat and select the black sub. Then select change skin color in WB. YMMV. This changes colors globally so even icons in the shellstyle will change.

Q) How do I make Explorer look like your screenshots?
A) Use the Styler utility. See video tutorial: [link]

Q) What font is used in this skin?
A) Vista's Segoe UI font. I do not distribute the font with the skin. The skin may not look right if you do not have this font.

Q) How do I move the common tasks to the right in explorer?
A) Double click use-shellstyle-right


This skin has a known issue with MS Office and MS Visual Studio. I created pico gray varation of this skin to address this: [link]



* changed bright color of scrollbar thumbs
* widened scrollbar thumbs by 2 px
* changed scrollbar track background
+ option to move common tasks to right (use-shellstyle-right, use-shellstyle-left)
+ sleeker, simpler pico green styler toolbar

* lightened scrollbar track background
* transparent taskbar now rounds corner like other taskbars

* fixed spacing on shellstyle
* removed cluttered graphics from shellstyle
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xvagosx Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2008
Hummm... Interesting...
g0d1 Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2008
in 6.0 batch files doesnt appear... t_t
g0d1 Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2008
this is.. the BEST, minimalistic skin.. luv it :D i have it for years
Foah Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2007
As the 33,333th viewer I can just say this one's a STAY on my PC, I'll use this for so long! :D God I've been looking for a really nice simple design, and this one really just settled my mind, thanks for sharing this skin mate :) +fav
Adisen Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2007
I am using pico tea right now, and i love it, especially the glass-clear.

one thing strange though for mine. The taskbar have curved corners below when the taskbar is below and have curved corners above when the taskbar is above, as this deviation's preview image shows. but, why isn't mine working this way? When I place my taskbar above, the curve corners are BELOW the taskbar and not ABOVE.
Adisen Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2007
the problem is now fixed with an installation of windowblinds 6...

anyway its nice to see this skin working with the new version of windowblinds - the batch files work still even though the skin directory is moved to C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Shared Documents\Stardock\WindowBlinds\ ...
TechK Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2007

I think your WB skins are great! I like the .bat file approach. Pico Tea is my favorite.

I'm still looking for new stuff from you!
shemgwapo Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2007
nevermind found it. didnt actually read the manual :P
shemgwapo Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2007
where are the .bat files to enable the taskbar to become transparent?
danadaidouji Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2007
This is great! The tutorial was very easy to learn too! Where do I get the wallpapers?
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